Q. Why have you decided to launch your own Web-Site?

A. We are well aware that there are a countless number of Cancer
related Web-Sites, Bulletin Boards, Organizations but, when my Wife
was diagnosed in 2008 with Breast Cancer, I was her support group.  

As a caregiver and a husband, I always wished that I could pick up
the phone and be connected to other people just like me.  We know  
they exist and are out there but, I never found that place.  Therefore,
I created Talk-Cancer.com to share Susan's story, make an occasional
connection and raise awareness.  If we can just help one person,
who comes across our site, by raising awareness then our mission is
a success.
This web-site is dedicated to My Wife & Best Friend
Team-Sue: Susan's Story
My wife's vow:

"Do whatever is necessary to prevent
this disease from killing me."
Learn about Early Detection, &
Treatment of Cancer

Educate others about Cancer

Talk about Cancer, don't hide from
the facts, Take action

Support one another and create a
network / community where we can
help share each of our experience
My Wife's is a Breast Cancer Survivor- 8 Year
Our Next Chapter... A New Journey

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Chemo Countdown
Phase 1 Completed 12-9-14
Taxol/Carbo (17 Treatments)

Phase 2 Stopped 1-17-17
Doxil/Carbo (4 Treatments)

Phase 3 Just the beginning
Taxol/Avastin (1-24-17)
Awareness can lead
to early detection
and early detection
can improve your
odds at a favorable
Sign and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer may cause several signs and symptoms. Women are more
likely to have symptoms if the disease has spread beyond the ovaries, but
even early- stage ovarian cancer can cause them.

The most common symptoms include:
- Bloating
- Pelvic or abdominal pain
- Trouble eating or feeling full quickly
-  symptoms such as urgency (always feeling like you
have to go) or frequency (having to go often)
It is estimated that over 22,000 women will be newly diagnosed with
Ovarian Cancer this year.  And this year my wife became one of
them.  This does not have to be you, please help Team-Sue raise
funds to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness.  All you
need to do is click on the link located to the left.
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