Part II: What!!! I have Ovarian Cancer?
Chapter 2- Battling Ovarian Cancer
On June 14, 2014, my wife went in to have elective surgery to have
her Ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed.  Having the BRCA I gene, a
family history of Breast and Ovarian Cancer, and being a 6 Yr. Breast
Cancer survivor, we were advised that around the age of 40 that
Susan should consider having her Ovaries removed. Feeling as good
as she did, the last thing on our mind was that something bad was
going to come out of the surgery. One week post Susan's surgery, we
received a surprising call from her Doctor requesting that we come
into his office. When we arrived at his office, Sue knew that
something was wrong, his face and body language was all off. Her
Doctor went on to say that "....the pathology report came back and it
indicated that Cancer was present in both of her Fallopian tubes". I
recall it like yesterday, the feeling was like someone punched us
right in the stomach and it was a very emotional time to say the least.
His recommendation was for us to see a specialist at Memorial Sloan
Cancer Center. Being no strangers to Sloan, we made the first
appointment to meet with the Chief of Gynecology Services at
Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. After an exam, some subsequent
tests, a CT scan and a staging operating, all in a matter of 4 weeks,
they confirmed that Susan had stage III Ovarian Cancer. The Cancer
had spread to her abdomen, appendix, and bowel but, surprisingly
never made it to her Ovaries. What we have since learned is that
Ovarian Cancer may not start in the Ovaries after all, instead the
thought is that it begins in the Fallopian Tubes and spreads to the
Ovaries.  And in Susan case, it never did reached her ovaries which
is why her routine sonograms always came back negative. We are
very fortunate that this was found when it was and that the Doctor's
at Sloan were able to remove all visible signs of Cancer from her
body. Although the fight has just begun, I will not rest until she is
cured. We recognize that we have a long long road ahead but will do
whatever we need to beat this thing. Susan is a very strong
individual, she has begun her Chemotherapy regiment and has
vowed to beat this.

We have been very fortunate to be surrounded by such caring,
loving and generous individuals.  We would like to thank everyone
again for being there for us and for all your support.